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The 180 Way

A 31-Day Journey To Turn Your Life Around

For the next 31 days, you’ll learn a new rhythm of seeking God.  Each day through His Word, reflection and prayer you will find the keys to possess the change in life you desire to experience.


Through the intentional act of seeking Him daily, you’ll learn a new way of living that begins with one step at a time. The 180 Way.


“New beginnings follow challenging endings.”
Bert McCoy

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About Us

The Author

Edwin Jones

Edwin Jones II is a recognized speaker and leader who is committed to helping people of all ages and backgrounds experience God’s best for their lives through teaching, preaching, and leadership. Edwin is the Lead Pastor of The Bridge Church based in Hampton, VA which he and his wife Arial founded. He is an alumnus of Old Dominion University with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and a minor in Religious Studies. Together, Edwin and Arial are the proud parents of three beautiful children, Josiah, Aubrey, and Joshua.

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The 180 Way will help you:


  •  Establish a new rhythm of seeking God daily through reading and reflecting on Scripture

  •  Apply the truths of God’s Word to your everyday life in a practical and clear way

  •  Experience the joy of living life at the optimal level God designed you to live

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Green Juices

In Need of Change

Many people want to see their life change but don’t know where to begin. Are you one of those people? Have you read books, watched videos, scrolled on social media, and had talks with others but feel overwhelmed by the many paths presented?

While there are many paths you can take to see your life altered for the better, the greatest step you can take is toward Jesus and to live life His way.

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Praise for "The 180 Way"

“A heartfelt, wise, and truly God-ordained book! Edwin provides helpful insights that will transform any reader's life. 

Dr Dwight Riddick

Sr Pastor / Executive Coach


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